We are proud to be dealers of the Hay-B-Gone hay bale unroller and mover. We have been using this awesome buggy for three years now and couldn’t be happier. It has worked so good for us, we decided to be dealers and give more people access to this super dependable and affordable piece of hay feeding equipment.



At $2200, this buggy is a fraction of the cost of a hydrolic hay bed. The cheapest hay bed will run over $8000, with many running over $10000.

Pulls with any Vehicle

The Hay-B-Gone can be pulled with any 4-wheeler, pickup, or anything with a 2-inch ball hitch. The cost of a heavy duty pickup to accompany a hay-bed can be mind-blowing. Additionally, a hay-bed limits what vehicle you can use to feed. With the Hay-B-Gone, you can feed with multiple vehicles you already own.



Less ruts

The weight of the buggy and the fact that the weight of the bale rides on the two 15 inch tires of the buggy (and not your pickup), allows you to go over muddy and soggy fields without leaving the deep ruts made by a tractor or truck with a hay bed.