100% Grass-fed Lamb


Our 100% grass-fed and grass-finished lamb is harvested in the summer and fall of the year, when lambs reach a live weight of 75 to 90 lbs. This timing yields meat with amazing tenderness and great flavor.

Whole Lamb = $150 plus $100 processing.  A 75 lb lamb will yield approximately 28 lbs of meat (total cost per lb of meat is approximately $8.92).


Ground Lamb = $11/lb.  Great for Italian and Indian cooking, shephard’s pie, or for a unique hamburger.

Lamb Chops = $12/lb.  Need I say anything! Come in three per package.

Lamb Roast = $12/lb. Imagine the possibilities!

Whole lambs are delivered for processing and available for pickup at Clouds Meats in Carthage, MO or here at the farm.  Individual cuts are available at the farm by appointment and at the Monett Farmers Market.