We continually hear from customers how the flavor of our pork is beyond and above anything they have had. We finish our hogs in forested hog lots which have lots of yummy weeds, grasses, and roots in them. These treats supplement their main diet of a locally grown hog feed. One taste and you’ll appreciate the little things we do to create a product you won’t want to go without!


A half or whole hog is $2.75/lb of the hanging weight of the hog. The hanging weight is the weight of the hog carcass after guts, hide, and head have been removed. Our average hanging weight is 168 lbs with a butchering cost of $150. For a whole hog, this results in 118 lbs of packaged pork and a per pound cost of $5.18 per pound. We also sell breakfast sausage, ground pork, bacon, pork streaks, and pork chops by the pound at the farm and at the Monett Farmers Market.

Individual Cuts and Prices:

Sausage, ground pork, pork steaks, spare ribs, shank: $6/lb

Bacon, Pork chops: $8/lb

Pork liver: $3.50/lb



We buy heritage breed (we prefer Red Wattle cross) piglets each June and harvest our hogs the end of October. This allows our hog paddocks to rest during the dormant season and keeps the hogs from killing tree roots.

Booking your Hog

Call now to book your hog. We currently have a waiting list and are going to increase our numbers this year to satisfy demand.